About Us

Alicia Fox

Alicia is an internationally published photographer who works with ethically driven companies and not-for-profit organisations to produce beautiful, impactful photographs.  She specialises in eco lifestyle photography, and NGO photography.

Alicia has spent years living in and travelling around different parts of the world and is motivated to help those who have been so welcoming and generous, who often have no way to communicate their own message to the world.  Her photographs portray hope and positivity, an expression of Alicia's personal outlook. 

Alicia is based in Crescent Head,on NSW's Mid North Coast, and works both locally and internationally.


James Galletly

Alicia's husband, James is an integral part of the business. 

With an impressive array of skills and experience (including Environmental Scientist, Carpenter, Writer, Teacher and Business Owner), he fulfills many roles in the business.  These roles include Photo Set Builder, Article Writer, Sustainability Researcher, Second Photographer and Photography Assistant. 


You can watch the short videos below to get more of an idea of who we are.

Photographing the Matses

Nicaragua Photo Workshop

Alicia's Eco Pledge

"I am so grateful for the journeys photography has taken me on.  I have trekked for days into the jungle to meet the protectors of the Amazon. I've travelled for days to remote outposts following nothing more than vague leads of unique photo opportunities.  And I've been invited into the homes of people who have opened my eyes to how little we need to live a fulfilled life.  Photography really has taken me around the world and sharing that world though my photos is what I love to do." - Alicia

Magazine & Newspaper Publications


  • New York Times (USA)
  • Peppermint (Australia)
  • Green Lifestyle (Australia)
  • Slow Living (Australia)
  • The Big Issue (Australia)
  • The Australian (Australia)
  • The Daily Mail (Australia)
  • The Sunday Telegraph (Australia)
  • Junkies (Australia)
  • Tide (Germany)
  • Shutterbug (USA)
  • House & Garden (Australia)
  • Frankie (Australia)
  • Atmosphere (Canada & International)
  • EOS Magazine (UK)
  • Blue magazine (Japan)
  • Outdoor Japan (Japan)
  • Metropolis (Japan)
  • Tokyo Weekender (Japan)
  • Surfgirl (UK)
  • The Surfers Path (UK)
  • Concrete Wave (Canada)
  • DISfunkshion Magazine (USA)
  • Rolling Stone (Australia)
  • Jetstar Magazine (International)
  • Surfing World (Australia)
  • Tracks (Australia)
  • Get a Life - The Diaries of Vivienne Westwood (Book)



NGO Photography


  • Cool Earth
  • Eco Tribal
  • Pro Mujer
  • Otra Cosa Network
  • Opportunity International
  • Empowerment International
  • International Women’s Development Agency
  • Unicef
  • Totoco Foundation
  • Vision Guatemala
  • Queen's Commonwealth Canopy
  • Rising Minds
  • ISA International
  • I-Manifest
  • Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children
  • St Agnes' Parish: Centacare, Transitions to Work, Earlylinks
  • Salvation Army Pipeline Magazine

Alicia and James work with grass roots charities, both locally and internationally offering discounted rates for registered not-for-profit organisations. 

Please contact us at info@aliciafoxphotography.com to inquire.